Private Branch Exchange (PBX) Phone Systems

A PBX system provides an internal phone system that shares your telephone lines among your employees.

Here are some of the reasons why businesses elect to get such systems.

  • Provides a professional public image to your customers.
  • Every employees gets an extension and individual voicemail.
  • Customers that call are automatically greeted and directed to the appropriate services.
  • Multiple callers can be held in a queue or directed to other available employees.Customers on hold can listen to music.
  • Calls can be recorded if you choose to do so, you can monitor the quality of service your customer receive.
  • Centralize certain tasks. Example all customers ordering custom products are directed to 1 central office\person\extension.
  • Customers can be “queued” if your customer service or other departments are busy.
  • Customers are greeted even after hours and can get important information.
  • Customers can get important information , like your hours and address without using your employees time.